Tenex Health TX® Technique

Tenex Health TX® is a minimally invasive procedure that uses ultrasound imaging and patented TX MicroTip® technology to treat chronic tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis) that is unresponsive to conservative treatment. Also called Percutaneous Tenotomy, the procedure is an alternative to arthroscopic or traditional open surgery. It eliminates damaged and degenerated tendon tissue with minimal down time.

Performed in an outpatient setting, the procedure requires only a local anesthetic and takes approximately 20 minutes. There are no stitches and less disruption to surrounding soft tissue, which facilitates a more rapid recovery than that which is required following traditional surgery. Patients are able to resume full activity in approximately six to eight weeks.

How it Works

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A physician trained on the Tenex Health TX approach and TX MicroTip technology, identifies the exact source of pain using ultrasound imaging. Once the source of tendon pain is identified, the area is numbed with a local anesthetic, permitting patients to stay awake the entire time. The physician then uses gentle ultrasonic energy (applied with the TX MicroTip), which is designed to safely breakdown and remove the damaged tissue.

Only a micro incision is required to reach the damaged tissue. Because the incision is so small (similar to that of a cortisone shot) and the ultrasonic energy so precise in targeting and treating only the damaged tendon tissue, surrounding healthy tissue is left unharmed.

Tenex Health TX Benefits

  • The Tenex Health TX approach provides patients with a rapid and precise option for removing chronic tendon pain without open surgery or lengthy treatment plans.
  • The procedure is minimally invasive and performed using a local anesthetic. The TX MicroTip is inserted into a tiny microincision (3mm), which minimizes the risk of infection.
  • The microincision closure requires only a small, adhesive bandage. Recovery is rapid, approximately 6-8 weeks to return to normal activity.
  • Good clinical and functional results, with minimal risk and post procedure complications, have been reported.

About Tenex Health TX  and TX MicroTip Technology

Tenex Health TX was developed in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic to provide a less invasive, long term solution for chronic tendonitis.  The procedure is also used to treat tendonitis of the foot and shoulder and shown in clinical research studies to provide clinical and functional benefit in all three areas – with 95% of chronic tennis elbow sufferers reporting relief after three months and 100% reporting sustained pain relief at three years (Koh et al, 2013; Seng et al, 2015) [1,2].


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