Patient Stories

Born to Buck

Cody Goodwin, 41
Rodeo cowboy, bareback riding
Injury: Tendonitis with a dislocating tendon, wrist fracture
Procedure: Wrist fracture repair, ECU (extensor carpi ulnaris) Stabilization

“I had a wrist fracture and tendonitis with a dislocating tendon. I was 40 years old at the time, but they treated me like I was in line for the championship title!”

I started riding at 15. I’m now 41 and still working towards the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) and pushing the envelope.

My injury was, in part, an accumulation of previous injuries. Bareback riding is like getting into a car wreck every time you ride. When my wrist finally broke, I was referred to Dr. Jafarnia by the sports medicine team. He treated me for a wrist fracture and tendonitis with a dislocating tendon.

He did a great job!

Fortunately, I haven’t had any other problems and continue to work towards the NFR. My goal is to be a participant one day. There are still quite a lot of rodeos left this year.

After my injury, I had a slow start in the Texas Circuit but was still able to achieve the goals I had for that year. Bareback is a rough event. You have to be in pretty darn good shape, so I jog four miles every other day and lift every other day – just to develop lean muscle mass. I take real good care of my body, which is why I can at my age compete with 20 and 25-year-olds.

Generally, the average age for a rough stock rider is 18 to 30. At 41, you’re pretty close to 100 in dog years! I’m not trying to say I’m special, but I just really enjoy the sport and comradery with other cowboys. Bareback riders love their job – born to buck. It’s really fun.

I feel great today and don’t even think about my injury. Dr. Jafarnia and his team aren’t satisfied until you’re back 100 percent. They really want you to achieve your goals and they take them as seriously as you do.